Sharon has been taking pictures since she received her first Brownie camera as a child. After graduating from Oberlin College where she studied film and exhibited her still photography, she moved to New York City to launch her career. Sharon has collaborated on a wide array of projects ranging from Unseen Versailles, edited by Jacqueline Onassis to teaching photography at a women’s prison in Bedford Hills. Her unique vision has attracted a variety of commissioned assignments all over the world. Sharon’s photographs have appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, American Photographer and the New York Times among others and her work has been featured on CNN as well as ABC Nightline.

“Photography has helped shape the way I experience life and discover the world around me.It brings me into the moment. The images are like film stills freezing time; they are my way of recording and preserving that magic when light and form just fall perfectly into place.

I am passionate about taking pictures- still and motion. I hope to meet you and have the privelege of documenting a time in your life!"

Sharon lives in Tribeca with her husband, daughter and two dogs

  • Harper’s Bazaar / Martha Stewart / Vogue / Interview Magazine / Robert Lee Morris
  • Amer. Photographer / Brides / Billboard / English Riding Co. / Modern Bride / New York Magazine / New York Times / The Knot / Donald Pliner / Bloomingdale’s / Amica / Atlantic Records / Elegant Bride / American Baby / Avon / Hallmark / Revlon / CBS Records / Cartier’s / Lenox China / Life Magazine / Elizabeth Arden / Cutex / DeBeer’s Diamonds / GE / Playboy Magazine